Looks like I'm just a poor American bastard with insecurity problems trying hard to find my identity and self-confidence while living in the United States.
From: "weed sea" <>
Subject: cool it
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 09:31:15 +0000

read your email at Brent N. Chun's website. come on, can't you take jokes?
most probably those captions are not meant for singaporean's eyes. who asked
you to surf over there? serve you right, you petty singaporean hehehe...

come on, you got to learn to relax man. you would have find united states
amusing, senseless, and stupid if you were travelling there. Chun is just a
typical asian (or mixed) who is trying hard to find his identity and
self-confidence while living in US. can't you see he put up all his
qualifications and achievements on the very 1st page of his homepage? this
poor bastard got some problem in his sense of security man. He need to sound
the way he is in his captions (me cool, you fool) to feel more
big-o-american rather than asian, so give him a break ok?

nevertheless, happy new year to you.

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