Dslice is a prototype implementation of a dynamic slice creation service for PlanetLab. It is currently accessible to users with principle investigator privileges only. This will be changing sometime in the near future.


Dslice is currently deprecated.


Documentation for releases:

Release Date
Postscript PDF
0.2.0 Feb 21, 2003 HTML (single), HTML (multi) Postscript PDF


RPMs for releases:

Release Date File
0.2.2 Sep 10, 2003 dslice-0.2.2-1.i386.rpm
0.2.0 Feb 21, 2003 dslice-0.2.0-1.i386.rpm

The latest source code can be found on PlanetLab's SourceForge page. The dslice and dslice-ca directories contain the relevant code. Email me if you are interested in obtaining the latest copy of the code or would like to use dslice in building other PlanetLab services.

Mailing List

The slices mailing list archive can be found on SourceForge. This maling list discusses issues pertaining to dynamic slice creation and wide-area resource allocation in general.


For more information, contact Brent Chun.